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Jaeger's goal of quality

  Improve product performance to meet customer requirements.

  Ensure the quality, safety and efficiency in production.

  Provide customer with value-added services and technical guidance that exceed customer expectations.



ISO9001 - Jiajun Chemical Co., Ltd., our plant in Panyu, Guangzhou was audited by SGS, Switzerland in 2004 and attained ISO9001 certification for international quality management system. All processes including procurement of raw materials and production, packaging and quality control, customer service and sales are in strict compliance to the system ensuring the quality of products and services exceed customer expectations.

SGS RoHS - Jaeger, Korniche, CROSS and Nichibei products have achieved SGS RoHS ensuring that the products do not contain harmful substances, in compliance with European regulations on health and safety.

SGS REACH - A number of products have passed SGS REACH certification to ensure that products do not contain chemical products of high concern nor exceed relevant standards for to meet the European Union's Regulations on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of chemicals.

NSF H1 - Jaeger plastic mould release sprays, food grade greases, silicone greases and silicone fluids have attained NSF H1 certification. So these lubrication products can be inadvertently contact with food in the production process.


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